"When I was younger, I didn't think in terms of systems — just experiences. Now I know better."
'''The painters found a stash of Polaroids in a closet. Photos of satanic rituals,' Dad said. 'They painted these crosses to protect us from the evil lurking here.'”
For members of marginalized communities, discrimination is not only unjust but physically and mentally harmful.
"If the unimaginable has happened to you, watching a tasteless portrayal of it in a show that’s centered around dragons — yes, dragons — is a total gut punch."
Being afraid of the dark can stem from many different factors, including the experiences of our earliest ancestors.
It's OK to not grieve — or to have complicated feelings about — the person who hurt you as a child.
Here’s how to make sure you’re using the mental health term accurately.
Enduring a pandemic, racism, violence, misogyny, the erosion of rights and mass death is taking a cascading toll on American workers.
Eulalio Diaz Jr. was on call when a gunman opened fire in Uvalde, Texas. He had to identify the bodies of children and friends he'd known for years.
Supporting each other begins with acknowledging traumatic grief. Even at work.