traumatic brain injuries

The software platform will include sensors and machine learning capabilities that can record data from movement, as well
Professional athletes and parents are becoming increasingly aware of sports related head injuries. We take a look at the dangers of concussions and the reluctance of properly addressing them in professional and school settings.
Hopefully once more light is shed on the subject matter, concussion sufferers will no longer have to experience the shame and isolation that, despite the head injury, I remember so well.
Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers from St. Michael's Hospital found that one in five
Besides a post-game recovery regimen of icing, stretching, and cortisone shots, it's time football players have access to "brain rehabilitation" as well.
Although two of the greatest attributes of our country might be our competitive spirit and our defense of our values and freedoms, one can't help but wonder at what price. Brains are the tie that binds us, but are we really coming undone? Think about it.
Jeremy and his wife were struggling. After two long tours, he was drinking too much, shouting at the kids, and taking his
Our military members are returning from combat, some physically wounded and many more with invisible wounds. The impact is
Lee Woodruff of CBS This Morning tells the poignant story of college sweethearts who are rebuilding their life together after
It is a national tragedy for a gunman to shoot a US congresswoman in the brain, but it is a national disgrace that most civilians and military personnel with brain injury never receive the therapy necessary to recover any semblance of their former lives.