travel ban

Rep. Judy Chu said the Trump-era ban was “always wrong, needless and cruel" and that Congress should make sure it doesn't happen again.
The Biden administration has unraveled much of Trump's travel ban. But many past diversity visa winners still have no way to actually enter the country.
Restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, however, are likely to slow down the process.
The new president signed the executive order ending the bar on travel from several Muslim-majority countries on his first day in office.
New research shows a severe and lasting impact of President Donald Trump's Muslim travel ban.
Families like the Salems are eager to see if the Biden administration will follow through on promises to help separated families and refugees.
The bill, which amassed 233 votes for and 183 against, will now move on to the Republican-controlled Senate, where it is unlikely to pass.
“All we want to do is be with our significant others. I’ll take a test … I’ll quarantine for 14 days, I’ll continue wearing a mask, I'll do whatever I need to do.”
The president touts his Jan. 31 decision to ban foreigners who had been in China. Critics note his failure to make sure we had enough tests and medical supplies.
Governors are "on our own" because federal officials have "fallen down" in responding to the coronavirus, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker said.