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Dai Andrews performed the stunt for the new "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" series, which debuts Sunday on the Travel Channel.
This clip from "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!" shows sword swallower Dai Andrews attempt to swallow a very curved blade.
The Travel Channel personality derided "horses**t restaurants masquerading as Chinese food" when promoting his own restaurant.
Instead of tokenizing Asian cuisine, Bourdain would sit down with native chefs and try to understand it.
Stardust Ranch's owner said he's tired of fighting off the ETs, which he's caught beaming up his wife.
Mikah Meyer wants to break barriers and open minds in his three-year trek.
Finding revenues and synergies between the old and new won’t be easy, but he’s been buying with clear-eyed focus, and the assets are performing.
She knows the black travel movement is nothing new, but wants her new show to "stretch their horizons even further."
Any early memories of cooking? When I think back to my earliest memories of cooking, I think about grilling burgers with
The former Miss Hawaii has some tips for you.