In the afternoon, I asked a couple other guides, sure that someone would know someone who'd have, at the very least, a pirate signal on which I could tap into the American psyche for a few blissful hours.
Back then hiring a relatively obscure artist to spend more than a decade carving a sculpture into the remote Black Hills seemed like a no-brainer.
But as summer turns to fall -- and weekend warriors try to squeeze in just a few more last-chance trips -- smart travelers look to Maryland's beautiful, historic Eastern Shore.
If you're anything like me, you still love and cherish postcards, doing your best to send them to friends to brag from the road and stockpiling those you still, occasionally, receive from friends who trot off to distant lands. But the fact is, we just aren't sending them like we used to.
The Crown Crust pizza, a ridiculous beef-topped pie offered only at Pizza Hut in the Middle East, is almost certainly more popular in the United States than it is in the United Arab Emirates, where it was recently introduced.