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For folks who want to go traditional with their accommodations, Abigail, a travel blogger at Where Abigail Went, says one
Jason Steele has seen a growing trend among travelers and how they accumulate and use award points for airline travel and
Unique bonuses associated with the Prestige Card include a complimentary extra night at any hotel after a minimum four-consecutive
In fact, millennials prefer to use cash, checks and debit cards over credit cards when spending, according to TD Bank's Consumer
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Many people are inundated with great offers promising huge discounts on a product or service. Then, the recipient of the offer begins reading the fine print. Yes, the offer is valid, but it also requires too much work to collect.
This is especially important if you're reserving a room in a resort area, such as Las Vegas, Miami or the Caribbean, because
Experts say it's always a good idea to inquire about upgrades. "The key is to know what you want and ask for it," Leff suggests
"Mmmmmm, airline food," said no one ever. Instead of forcing yourself to eat airline food or paying high prices at the airport
Cardholders who don't use or earn rewards still pay annual fees for rewards cards. These fees, which have increased in recent