traveling alone

If you have plans to travel solo after the Fall term ends, here are do's and don'ts you should live by for a fun-filled and safe trip.
The idea of solo travel ― throwing yourself into the great unknown without any familiar faces or places - has been pretty
Traveling has been self-reassuring until now. Last time, I actually felt I needed to have someone next to me with whom actually share the experience. I never felt I needed that.
Deciding to travel alone can feel intimidating, but here's what you can learn if you take the chance.
I recently returned from a two month solo adventure in Florence, Italy. It was a magical experience filled with one great memory after another.
Imagine if you were to see that, see how the blessings of your own effort have allowed you to come alive in unimaginable ways -- and, not because anyone other than you made it happen. Imagine how surprised you might be. Imagine how we would celebrate.
Whether it's the beach or a city nearby, traveling solo will be one of the most important, fun and major things you'll do in your 20s.
Couples interacted, families interacted, but they did not want to interact with me. I felt a little unnerved by the silence and the quick glances, and a little lonely as well. It surprised me that a midlife woman traveling alone should be almost shunned. At least, that's the way it felt.
I can't really explain if there's one underlying lesson or theme I can take away. But I can admit my perspective has changed