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The Force was no longer with me after the Death Star blew up. So I execut fired all the Stormtroopers to travel the world. It was time for a break.
In only one year, Schools for Sustainability (S4S) has cultivated a beautifully dynamic team. We honor diversity as we attract
SOME call themselves “senior gypsies.” Others prefer “international nomad.” David Law, 74, a retired executive recruiter
Ladies were not young and carefree, as I was. I wasn't a lady. I was a... girl? No. Woman? Maybe, but it didn't feel right. Britney Spears? No. Oh my god. I was a lady. It was a reality check.
We've all dreamed about it, secretly thinking of ways to quit our jobs, travel the world, and leave it all behind. So what
Imagine this: One day you quit your job, pack up your things and set sail on a journey around the world. For one very adventurous
Kim Dinan joins HuffPost Live to talk about how she sold all of her possessions and then traveled the world.
Six years ago, my husband (then boyfriend) and I set out to find a way to develop our careers while traveling the world -- and without breaking the bank.
Bon Voyage -- our travel book, planning service and journal in a box -- hit the shelves last week. The hardback tome comprises 24 journeys designed by Jetsetter's Personal Travel Planning team of globetrotting writers, from New Year's Day in Rio de Janeiro to Holiday season in the Maldives.
Rick Mereki, Tim White, and Andrew Lees are incredible videographers. In their latest series of films the trio spent 44 days