traveling with kids

Follow these rules of the road to stay sane and safe on your next vacation.
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So, do you need to do something so spectacular to get your kids to put the phone down and appreciate the time you spend with
If you live in a different state than your immediate family, traveling with your children is inevitable. Having done this for the past five years, I like to consider myself a professional.
To vacation or not to vacation -- that is the question. At least, that’s the question this highly scientific flowchart can
Everyone who has been to Disney World has that perfect picture of their children standing in front of the iconic Castle-- but where's the fun in that? Instead, I'm going to show you what happens before that perfect picture is snapped and posted on Facebook.
Whether it's reigning in their excitement, heeding to their fears, keeping their hunger in check or simply allaying their crankiness due to exhaustion, factoring a child's needs into a travel plan requires much more than ad-hoc "nature call" stops.