Traverse City, Michigan

The crowd at the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City may have stopped a scary situation from becoming much worse.
Schools are closed in Michigan, but this principal didn't let that stop her from celebrating this year's class valedictorian in person.
This past week, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) posted on their web site a list of what they believe are some of the best movie theaters in the world. And listed as #1 is the historic State Theatre of Traverse City, Michigan, an incredible movie palace.
I had this epiphany: what would a movie theater look like if it were designed, built and run by the people who actually make the movies?
While the job market and small business climate may continue to look bleak, it is inspiring to hear stories about booming innovative social enterprises, even in the worst of times.
One user even incorporated a clever parody of the song's 19th century lyrics: "See the crazy school before us/Fa la la la
After breakfast, we hopped in the car to go explore Leelanau Peninsula, a sprawling area area northeast of Traverse City that stretches from Grand Traverse Bay to Lake Michigan.
I'd always thought of Michigan as a place to visit people, a place for reunions, not a destination.
WATCH: Something must be in the water in Michigan, as the state has produced a significant number of viral lip dubs including