(Reporting by David Schwartz in Phoenix Editing by Dan Whitcomb in Los Angeles and Christian Plumb) Arias, who testified
Prosecutor Juan Martinez said his office had the computer reanalyzed just this week, and it showed the defense claims are
Prosecutors said Arias attacked Alexander in a jealous rage after he wanted to end their affair and planned a trip to Mexico
An attorney for the Arizona Republic objected, but the judge closed the courtroom anyway. PHOENIX (AP) — The judge in the
Earlier Thursday, prosecutor Juan Martinez called Kevin Friedman, a former police officer with the Yreka, California, Police
As Horn spoke, jurors looked at photos of the dead Arizona man whose body, Horn said, was decomposing and starting to mummify
The nude photos, as well as photos of Alexander in the shower prior to and following his murder, were shown during testimony
Under Arizona law, prosecutors are allowed to ask a new jury to reconsider the death penalty. Though Arias' guilt is no longer
During cross-examination by defense attorney Jennifer Willmott, DeMarte stood her ground. She did not flinch when the attorney
Freeman said he was aware Alexander and Arias spent time together but did not know they were having sex. He said that it