President Joe Biden & House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) sure seem happy with their debt ceiling deal. But now comes the really difficult bit: selling the compromises to their parties.
Lawmakers need to cut a deal – and quickly – if they want to avoid defaulting on the national debt and dealing with the financial consequences that come with it.
The California lawmaker grilled the Treasury secretary over his plan to move billions of dollars approved for COVID-19 relief into the general fund.
With the impeachment trial now over, congressional Republicans are now looking into Hunter Biden and his role in a Ukrainian gas company.
After years of decrying executive overreach, 22 GOP senators want the Treasury to bypass Congress to cut capital gains taxes.
"Extensive work was well underway” on the design when the Treasury secretary said it wouldn’t be distributed until 2028, The New York Times reported.
Louise Linton, the wife of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, went on a poor-shaming rant after she took to Instagram to show off the pricey wardrobe she wore on a taxpayer-funded trip. She later apologized for her "insensitive" post.
At the Treasury Department President Trump Shouts Out Alexander Hamilton
We want a government that works effectively and efficiently for all Americans and not just the people who staff our government or the cottage industries that feed off it.
A rapidly growing global web of tax havens is one of the key drivers of inequality.