Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner

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No wonder he doesn't expect to go to work for Wall Street! Neil Barofsky, former watchdog for the Troubled Asset Relief Program
What are we to make of Tim Geithner on his last day as Treasury Secretary? For my money, the story that best gets at his
'Weaponized' Debt Limit Should Be Repealed, Dems Say
President Obama has tapped Geithner to lead negotiations with Congress over the $600 billion or so in tax increases and spending
"He is very bright and has the capacity to be an honest broker," said University of Maryland law professor Michael Greenberger
It's a good thing we have all decided not to care about the Libor scandal, or Tim Geithner might be looking kind of silly right now.
We just keep learning new ways that everybody on earth, aside from Tim Geithner, knew of the risk of Libor manipulation years and years ago.
Though he acknowledged that U.S. regulators "have not fixed the problems at the center of this rate," Geithner defended the
Earlier on Thursday, Reuters reported that Britain was ready to cooperate with the United States on a release of strategic