Treatment of cancer

This is how you can show up for someone when they tell you about their diagnosis.
Experts and those who've lived with the illness share how you can really offer your support.
LGBTQ patients have unique risk factors for cancer and oncologists admit they don’t know enough about them, a new national survey reveals.
OneBlood, a Florida blood distribution center, has launched the search to find matching blood donors for Zainab Mughal, a two-year-old with neuroblastoma.
For some survivors, this is the only way they can become biological parents.
In one pilot program, doctor-approved meals lowered health care costs by 55 percent
We’re often given prescription painkillers because other treatments grant us no relief.
ASCO's admonition to avoid ineffective treatment is unlikely to constrain the use of chemotherapy in advanced cancer significantly, because although it's good advice, it's difficult to put into practice.
I became intrigued by the roles of diet, exercise and overall lifestyle in turning cancer genes on and off. Could men's behavior increase or decrease their chances of getting prostate cancer?
Early in 2010 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer -- at age 35. With no family history of cancer, I sought the opinions of top doctors in Houston and New York on how to treat my diagnosis.