Tree of Life

The Tree of Life synagogue, the site of last fall's mass shooting, seeks art that conveys peace, hope and healing.
Muslim groups stood in solidarity with their Jewish neighbors after a shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue. Jewish groups are now reciprocating that kindness.
Suzan Mazur: If you were organizing a public evolution summit, what discoveries in biology would you showcase? Eugene Koonin
Moms have made images that show them pumping and bottle-feeding, too.
In the first book of the Book of Mormon, a prophet named Lehi narrates an allegorical vision that has become a hallmark of Mormon religious discourse. In this dream he saw "the tree of life," whose fruit brought joy and peace to anyone who partook of it.
I am a writer, a yogi, a wife, and a friend, among other things, but, mostly, right now I'm a mother, and I'm thankful for the magic that resides here plainly and invisibly, for me to daily open and appreciate anew.
Researchers from multiple institutions have come together to publish Earth's most complete family tree to date, illustrating the evolutionary relationships between about 2.3 million named species of lifeforms over the course of roughly 3.5 billion years on the planet.
Just published yesterday in the early edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is a tour de force of thinking big, working together, and demonstrating that even science that is messy and incomplete can be incredibly useful and worthy of publication.
"This is the first real attempt to connect the dots and put it all together," one researcher said.
Every year, one of the fine art masters is raised up in popular consciousness with a film, and this year’s rendition was Gustav Klimt.
When I recently visited Bahrain, the TSA agent reviewing my passport looked at me curiously and asked me, "Why did you visit Bahrain?" Simple answer: The Kingdom of Bahrain is a great extension to a Dubai or an Abu Dhabi trip. The flights are inexpensive and under an hour.
Today it seems clear that it will not be political leaders or new policies that will save us from environmental destruction though they can help us along, nor will it be a national revolt as envisioned by the religious zealots of our time.
When I was growing up on Long Island, the shorter and colder fall days leading to the depths of winter invoked a sense of loss. I loved the heat, the beach, and the seemingly endless days of summer.
An important question we need to ask ourselves, whether a conflict is personal or on a larger scale, is how can we best resolve them in ways that serve life for the greatest good?
The often persnickety audiences at the Cannes Film Festival are so legendary that the Brooklyn Academy of Music has devoted
The tree supports and centers our relationship with the earth and reminds us of our own connection to the sacred life source. In the tall and stately tree we can see a projection of our own best selves. We aspire to stand strong like the tree.
Over the years, I've developed what I refer to as the 20-minute rule. It basically says that a movie that hasn't hooked me in the first 20 minutes probably isn't going to.