The Monterey Cypress was visible from the author's San Diego home.
People on Twitter can’t stop joking after Melania Trump showed off her Christmas decorations.
The interior secretary blamed environmental groups for blocking logging on public land.
Felix Finkbeiner, 19, has already planted 15 billion saplings.
PM: Can you tell me a bit about your approach to community engagement? MD: We just started a health impact assessment to
The tree was "barely alive" due to the hole punched through it in the 1880s.
Specifically, in Birmingham, we are sharply focused on nature-based solutions for stormwater management, restoring blighted
The tragedy may be linked to drought in the area followed by recent heavy rains.
A yearly investment of about US$3 to US$5 million in public international research would be enough to address most of the
Jose Luis Lopez Carlos, Nixtiquil Community Reforestation and Forest-Fires Project, Jalisco, Mexico Runinten, Preservation
Doorae Shin and Joy Waters, VegFest Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. A free event addresses health and environmental issues while
On November 4, the historic Paris Agreement for global action on climate change will enter into force, catalyzing collective
The eponymous installation Breathing (2015) is a splay of 150 black and white photographs on transparency plus a projected
The projects that they have chosen so far represent a bold vision for what it takes to ensure that young people from every
"They are both a diary and a rumination on the infinite variety of nature."