trey gowdy

The conservative network mocked the Florida governor's 2024 announcement as "amateur hour."
It seems even 85% of the vote wasn't enough to convince the GOP in another version of election denial.
"You open up Pandora’s box if you call one witness," cautioned the Trump ally, who claimed a lengthy trial of the former president would be "bad for the country."
The former Republican congressman hammered the Obama administration for refusing to cooperate with Congress.
One last Hail Mary to undermine Robert Mueller and protect President Trump.
The evidence of Russian interference is "overwhelming," the GOP congressman said.
The House oversight chairman is demanding documents related to Hillary Clinton, Andrew McCabe and the alleged surveillance of the Trump campaign.
Donald Trump is going after Attorney General Jeff Sessions again…and special counsel Robert Mueller may be watching.
The president’s lawyer said he understands Trump’s frustration but Sessions’ recusal is defensible.