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"Randy comes to grips with what it means to be white in today’s society."
A big-screen adaptation of  Matt Stone and Trey Parker's riotous Broadway hit "The Book of Mormon" has been rumored for
In this 2012 video, which has experienced a resurgence this week after being unearthed on Reddit, Parker can apparently be
Sure, it's great to catch reruns of "South Park" on Comedy Central. But what if you could watch any of its 247 episodes whenever
Since childhood, Josh had dreamed of voicing the next Timon, Lumiere or Sebastian. That sidekick in a Disney animated film that you just can't forget. But then Book of Mormon happened.
I want to be a bad guy in my next movie. I want to be a monster. I want to be the nightmare. That's my goal. It would be a sexier goal, I suppose, if I started out as a really good guy, but I've never been hero material.
The third largest city in America has more than 26 miles of free, public beaches (more, in fact, than Bermuda), all with gorgeous views of Chicago's stellar skyline.
It's always great when celebrities gather enough clout that they can do whatever the hell want. Were it not for the success
Rolling Stone released their list of the 50 funniest people alive, and Eric Clapton was number one. Just kidding, Louis C.K
The creators of 'South Park,' Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls, Andrew Sullivan and Louis CK defied conventions by going solo with their media companies. What does it take to ensure indie media success? Musician Amanda Palmer and film producer Hunt Lowry join Mike to discuss.
[via NYT] Parker and Stone, the creators of the television show "South Park" and the "Book of Mormon" musical, have spoken
One Oscar Les Miserables won't be nominated for is "Best Original Musical." Wait a minute, you're thinking, that's crazy talk -- there's no category called "Best Original Musical." As a matter of fact, there is such a category, but it's just never been activated.
When World News did run the piece, NBC's Engel was described as some sort of generic news reporter while the 'NBC' affiliation was judiciously left out of the script and not mentioned once during the whole story.
Both shows became the hottest tickets in town. The producers of both shows embraced a flexible pricing plan which sent prime
Who would have thought that two guys who killed Kenny could give so much life to Mormonism? In fact, the musical even turned me back on to my own religion.
Three episodes of "South Park" from 2007, entitled "Imaginationland," featured Lollipop King and showed the candy being choked