"My life's mission now [is] not about me," Day wrote on the fundraising page. "Rather, it is to care for and lead my wounded
Upon my brother's death, it was as if my entire core were shattered into a million pieces of painful shards of glass. I literally hurt everywhere. Instead of withdrawing, I decided to train for a tri in the hopes of strengthening my emotional and physical core.
If you’ve ever thought you couldn’t accomplish something because you weren’t physically capable, these athletes might make you change your mind.
Next up, racers do a 112-mile bike ride alongside the "dark-and-rugged lava fields lining the South Kohala Coast." In other
When not swimming, biking and running, Belt works with her husband running an antique import/export business. Belt began
I also took up running. I started by running one mile every couple of days. I was always sore and about to just keel over
"People practice in a pool with lane lines," he said, a necessity when training for a summer sport in a Chicago winter. "In
For a summer road trip idea, there are some great small towns in America to get away to and unplug in, like Nevis, Minnesota. With a population of 390, Nevis sits on the eastern edge of Lake Belle Taine in Hubbard County.
When you're an athlete with a disability, you have to possess the necessary strength, endurance and determination to achieve your goals, just like any able-bodied athlete. But you also must find a way to adapt yourself to your sport of choice.
After experiencing several injuries over my years of marathon training, my husband convinced me to try a triathlon. Thus, I jumped in head first (literally) and trained for my first triathlon (a half ironman, to be precise).