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When Hollywood and the fashion industry converge on a theme, we should probably pay attention.
"Beside Still Waters" director Chris Lowell joins Ricky to discuss why he opted not to have an “over the top” gay character in the film.
Gabriel is a powerful look at a young man who could be anyone's son and who desperately wants to be able to function without medication and without continued treatment. It reminds us how real mental illness is and how devastating its impact can be.
The media and entertainment have continually portrayed gangs with a stereotyped, limited perspective. Yet the only way to
Films like S#x Acts and Yossi, excellent films made about complex human issues, are the kind of Israeli films that should be of world interest.
Check out some of the winners below, and see the rest over at the Tribeca Film Festival's website: On Friday, the Tribeca
Directed by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, "Bridegroom" is a documentary focusing on the fight for marriage equality in California
Bluebird is a smart and subtle reminder of how exquisitely fragile the balance of our everyday lives are. A small, seemingly insignificant event, like stopping to admire a bluebird, can contribute to a tragedy whose ripple effects permanently mark the lives of many.
Beneath that candy-coated exterior, Stein added, “G.B.F.” has a gooey emotional center that also makes it stand apart from
Federico Fellini once said about cinema that "it's not just an art form; it's actually a new form of life with its own rhythms, cadences, perspectives and transparencies." If that is true, then a film festival is a magnificent celebration of life and its endless contours.
Here's the most important thing: The majority of them aren't worth seeing or reviewing. There used to be filters for this kind of thing. They were called film festivals.
Some highlights from the Spotlight roster include the world premieres of "Adult World" (with Emma Roberts and John Cusack
I don't stream -- maybe I'm in the minority, but I'm not sure I am. Because of all this, I am making a documentary feature film on the lamented loss of the independent video store.
We caught up with Heder in Los Angeles, where he talked about his quirky character, his shift into independent drama, and his eventual plans to direct.
What happens when a 19th century bodyguard is sent 150 years into the future to help with an indie film's marketing campaign? He holsters his gun and sits down at the keyboard: meet Ward Hill Lamon.
"Tommy doesn't have to keep the place open -- he has a healthy pension, and he lives in a really nice neighborhood in Detroit. And yet he does, because he thinks Detroit needs a black-owned blues bar."
What is a movie's sell-by date? Studios give tremendous care to the timing of a release date, taking into account competitive films, holidays, market analysis, and executive instincts above my paygrade.
If you're suffering from a case of the mid-week blues, then you're in luck: For 75 glorious seconds, you can watch Nick Offerman
Fresh from his Oscar-nominated performance in 2011's A Better Life, the charming Demián Bichir talks about working with director Ian Power, filming in West Cork, and checking things off his professional bucket list.
Hollywood's appetite for adaptations, remakes and sequels is growing. But the absence of mid-budget films from lists of the world's highest-grossing films indicates that Hollywood's model is changing.