I think of each hair as a problem, and once it’s out, it’s a problem I no longer have to deal with.
Happiness doesn't come from a full head of hair or having eyebrows.
"As much as I love being bald, it’s not without its challenges."
"It looked like something from a horror film."
I remember one night at summer camp when my counselors sat us in a circle and asked us each to share a "physical scar" and "emotional scar" that made an impact on our lives forever. Twenty minutes later, our entire bunk of prepubescent sixth grade girls was sobbing uncontrollably.
First step is acknowledging the problem.
Rebecca Brown gets real about struggling with Trichotillomania.
Statistics show that 2 in 50 Americans have a BFRB. However, the real number may be much higher. Many people are too embarrassed or ashamed to admit they have a BFRB and go to great lengths to hide their behavior from family, friends, and medical professionals.
Follow Us On Pinterest | Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter 3. "I've had dermatillomania almost my entire life and
They find themselves not being able to leave loved ones alone, especially partners [who] have a zit and it kind of drives