trickle-down economics

Capital gains tax cuts are just what the economy needs, according to Kudlow.
If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets her way, wealthy people won't even be able to go to restaurants, according to the millionaire radio host.
Their belief that money must pass through the hands of the rich before reaching others is both greedy and incorrect.
• There is a third alternative, of course: namely that the "forgotten people" have been forgotten because of elite indifference
Over the past few decades, effective tax rates on U.S. corporations and the richest 1 percent have fallen by about a third
It’s “trickle-down” economics dressed in populist garb.
Really? The result for Wisconsin has been job and economic growth has consistently underperformed that of its neighboring
Trump's anti-tax fantasy should sound familiar because it is: it has been tried and failed.
Historically, there are antecedents surely, but now there is just so much at stake due to climate, justice, nuclear missiles