The actor tried to make his point for superhero supremacy against "The Tonight Show" host.
Experts say missiles trigger a rapid race to determine where a rocket is headed and how to best respond.
It's a simple, honest logic that, increasingly, is the one that is being adopted by soft power networks the world over. Trident is a gateway issue for a new transnational politics that, if fostered, will give us the security we yearn for.
Corporations want to use your health data for better marketing, and they're offering goodies so you'll give it to them.
Children laughing. Parents yawning, scrambling desperately for that first cup of coffee. A city blinking away the remnants of dreams from its tired eyes - just another Monday morning. Then nothing. Silence.
Well, where's the dance? [To HuffPost] When they called me, I was actually like, “But you don’t understand. This is the gum
Let us look at the four main points of contention leading some to vote "yes" for independence and others to vote "no." As you will see, both sides provide very strong arguments -- with expert backing -- and determining who is right can often be downright impossible.
As a business strategist and marketer, I have worked with lots of brands and advertising agencies to develop or prove claims - the messages that companies say about their products to get people to buy them.
The building of new, immensely costly, nuclear-armed submarines by the U.S. government and others may soon raise the level of earlier anxiety to a nuclear nightmare.