trigger warnings

Ideological safe spaces make those on the left and the right more extreme.
For example, a combat vet who has flashbacks when walking into a crowded place, like a mall, doesn't believe that if he just
The Trouble with Trigger Warnings, by Mariah Flynn: Can educators warn students about troubling content without discouraging
Trigger warnings are also challenging to implement, because identifying potential triggers isn't easy. Individuals with past
The so-called "identity liberalism" that Lilla believes problematic is the much needed, long awaited second phase of justice in America.
We can teach our kids simple methods of active listening- not for the purpose of rebuttal but for the purpose of understanding
It seems to me that colleges should foster a culture that allows discussions of topics that make us uncomfortable. We should hear viewpoints from those who don't share our history, our values, our religion, our race, etc.
There's this scene in David Cronenberg's movie The Fly that's pretty hard to watch. Actually, there are a lot of scenes in that movie that are pretty hard to watch. That's kind of the point of the movie, which is also kind of the point of this essay, but first, let's describe the scene in question in order to get to the essay in question.
There could be an issue of academic freedom involved if such warnings were required of all instructors. Perhaps an instructor
The U of C has a long history of behaving as if modernity were a personal insult, and this letter to first-years is as much in keeping with that tradition as any boob's expressed desire to make America great (meaning white) again.
Imagine this. I'm talking with people I've never met before, say at a college reception. They're all articulate, accomplished: a sociologist, a biologist, a psychologist, and a historian. "What do you do?" someone eventually asks me politely. I say "Mathematics" and they all start trembling.
This intellectually dishonest condemnation of "political correctness" has fueled the abominable "speech" coming from the
They're rarely used -- and research shows they can help.
Clearly, university administrators prefer student demands that can be coopted or absorbed into their current business model. Allowing the prevailing culture to define the parameters of their protest has left the burgeoning Millennial Movement in a precarious position.
The rise of so-called "political correctness" is not the infantilizing of students. It is the long overdue voice given to the real experiences of all students.
Even the stars on television were of a different caliber than the stars today. There were actors such as Ron Howard, Gary Coleman, Henry Winkler, and Penny Marshall. They didn't need a sex tape to get the attention of America. They had talent, timing, and charisma.
However, Armstrong acknowledged that removing the questions might be related to student-administration relations, saying
Societies that cherish free speech relish open debates and controversy and, in turn, produce a robust citizenry who will
The Promised Land, then, is not simply a "safe space." Social justice is not achieved by eliminating "microaggressions" or requiring "trigger warnings." Student activists, whatever their cause, should recognize and insist on intellectual freedom for all.