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A focus group of Trump supporters defended the president to the max in "The Late Show" bit.
The unleashed Triumph's bark had some bite in mocking GOP senators on Capitol Hill.
On Thursday, Hulu released a new 30-minute Election Watch 2016 special subtitled "The Home Stretch" in which Triumph/Smigel
How can it be that a derogatory label for a woman is also seen as an honor and a triumph? Answer: Because they're used to it. It's an old tradition. And because women are creative and take what they can get. They have learned to make blessings out of intended curses. That's our talent.
NEW YORK - This evening, the following clip from "Triumph Election Watch 2016" was tweeted from the official Triumph The
Donald Trump all but declared war (once again) on the media this week, after they actually did their jobs and investigated whether Trump had made good on his claims of donating millions to veterans' charities.
Comedian Robert Smigel reveals the jokes that he won't make anymore.
It is unclear if Donald Trump has rewritten the rules of political campaigning but he has unquestionably left pundits and political scientists baffled by his success. Most careful observers of politics (present authors included) believed Trump would have washed out quickly and decisively.