The music video request show that closed up shop in the age of on-demand internet is angling for a comeback.
MTV’s hit '90s show “TRL” will return to the network with live performances and full music videos.
It's been six years since the last episode of MTV's "Total Request Live" aired, a show that epitomized teen years for millennials
Even if you aren't Jimmy Ray (who wants to know?), Spotify has a necessary Friday diversion: '90s Smash Hits! Playlist, featuring
On Sept. 14, 1998, a little thing called "Total Request Live" was launched. The offspring of a marriage between "MTV Live" and "Total Request," the Carson Daly-hosted countdown became the ultimate arbiter of pop music for most of its 10-year run.
Mariah Carey makes her infamous surprise appearance (2001) Outkast performs "Hey Ya!" (2003) Backstreet Boys performs "I
Later this fall, Michelle Branch will return to her rock roots with "West Coast Time," her first full-length solo album since 2003's "Hotel Paper."
MTV was once my electronic cool older brother, exposing me to sweet new bands, showing me cool videos, and telling me that weird comedy like "The State" is hilarious.
Once MTV was the captain of all things cool and about kids. But The Seven seems a little tired and borrowed.
True Beauty follows a good-looking group who think they're competing in a beauty contest. What they don't know, is that the challenges are also testing them on their inner beauty.
IT doesn't take TV host Damien Fahey long to bounce back. A mere week after the cancellation of MTV's "TRL," Fahey's been
"Total Request Live," the after-school snack for a generation of MTV viewers, is filming its final episode on Sunday. The
American Idol winner David Cook and runner up David Archuleta appeared on Thursday's "TRL." Host Damien Fahey relived some
Jennifer Lopez has been looking more curvaceous of late and is reported to be pregnant with twins by TMZ. Dressed in a striped