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In the end, I hope to empower others to stand up alongside survivors and against rape culture and sexual assault. I hope that I am contributing to eliminating the one in four and one in 16 statistics by helping to educate others and allow traditionally muted voices to be heard.
'Who here thinks they're most qualified to be erected?'
The annual ranking finds most campuses are making significant improvements.
How sad would an open box of 35 condoms look in my sock drawer until I met someone else? How long would that be? And why do I keep my condoms in the sock drawer? I have two nightstands, for crying out loud.
If anyone wonders whether boomers still have sex, the resounding answer is yes. And with sex comes the risk of sexually transmitted
Sexual health is an incredibly important issue for today's colleges students. With 15 to 24-year-olds accounting for 48% of
Click through the slideshow for photos from the D.C. promotion. More than half of Americans use a vibrator, according to
The city initially shutdown the promotional event citing a lack of proper permits, By Thursday however, Trojan announced