The company's newest theme park opens on June 16.
For more, check out The Hollywood Reporter. Earlier this year, it had seemed likely there would be a follow-up to 2010's
"Rancho Deluxe" (1975) "Jaws" (1975) "Jaws 2" (1978) "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (1978) "Dawn of the Dead" (1978
Thirty years ago! Scary! Yet inspiring. (Certainly most millennials I encounter are ripping off that era as fast as their iPad-laden hands can grab.) For your pleasure and edification, I was there (and then), and I reflect.
NASA has announced a winner in its spacesuit design competition, and it looks like something out of the futuristic film “Tron: Legacy.”
Eli Mardock is premiering a new song with us today called "If You're With Me, Then You're Against Me." The haunting and dream-like tune appears on the Nebraskan singer/songwriter's debut full length, Everything Happens For The First Time.
It's by far the biggest, best and most surprising entertainment news of 2012, yet still no one knows quite what to make of it: starting in 2015 we're getting a new Star Wars trilogy, beginning with Episode VII, supervised by George Lucas and produced by Disney.
Mead's influence is immense both in his contributions to our collective fantasies and his steps to actualize today's fantasies
Film enthusiasts Duncan and Joel Robson have created a fantastic supercut of movie characters landing -- in the exact same
"You always hear people say that having kids changes everything, but then you have your own and realize just how true it