The Pentagon has drawn plans to send 10,000 troops to the Middle East. The decision has yet to be finalized by the White House.
The Trump administration and Defense Department had been accused of using the deployment of thousands of troops as a political ploy.
President Trump says sending 5,200 soldiers to the border is the only way to deal with the “criminals” he claims are headed to the U.S.
President Donald Trump’s speech on his strategy in America’s longest war left a lot of questions about what his plan actually is.
President Donald Trump’s speech on his strategy in America’s longest war left a lot of questions about what his plan actually is.
Failing to question America’s militant and aggressive foreign policy is not supportive.
Having spent trillions of dollars on war with such sorry results, it's a wonder that key figures in the U.S. military or officials in any other part of America's colossal national security state and the military-industrial complex haven't spoken out forcefully and critically.
Joanne, 18, made 8 superhero-themed cards for our service members. "Words cannot explain my gratitude towards these brave
Few things bring the country together during the year like football and Thanksgiving is no exception. For millions of families, watching football on Thanksgiving is as much a part of the day as turkey, stuffing, or sweet potato pie.
Paid patriotism is at odds with genuine patriotism. Protecting the authenticity of our patriotism is a duty of citizenship. It should be a duty of our government, too. And shame on sports organizations that seek payment to express their patriotism.
Patrick's devotion to the USO dates back to fond childhood memories of his grandfather who was an Army officer.
President Obama has promised to have all troops out before he leaves the White House.
As my flight from Honolulu to Dallas pulled up to the gate, the flight attendant asked the passengers to remain in their seats. Then he requested all to observe a moment of silence as a U.S. Air Force Sergeant was to fulfill his duties in bringing a fallen soldier home.
For the soldiers who lose their jobs and families dependent on a military income, these cuts are certainly disruptive. Few, if any, military bases will be unaffected by the troop reduction. But the announcement shouldn't come as a surprise.
Most Americans lack any clear sense of what the military does; they certainly care less than they should; but what they are willing to do is to "salute" the troops by buying a beer in a red-white-and-blue can or putting a magnetic ribbon on their SUV as an expression of "support."
We don't need hyperbolic statements that our military is the "finest fighting force" ever, or that our troops are the world's liberators and bringers of freedom. Such words are immoderate and boastful. They're intended to win favor with the troops and with the people back home; they're politically calculated. And in that sense, they're ill-advised and even dishonest -- they're basically nothing more than flattery.
"It's almost too difficult to believe that you'd have a member of Congress looking to carry water for the payday loan industry