Troubled Asset Relief Program

Cruz's office, for example, could not find a past comments from him on the TARP. His aides were surprised by the absence
Neel Kashkari is seeking the GOP nomination to challenge California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) in the November elections. And, like
More than one-third of the nation's highest-paid CEOs from the past two decades led companies that were subsidized by American taxpayers, according to a report released Wednesday by the Institute for Policy Studies, a liberal think tank.
The 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform bill required all corporations to disclose more information about executive pay, and
The administration has refined the HAMP program since its inception to broaden its reach, including by expanding eligibility
In addition, the program provides a one-time payment to qualifying homeowners of as much as $25,000, up from $6,000. Payments
Another 137 banks in that program simply refinanced their TARP debts through other government loan programs designed for
It's a good thing we have all decided not to care about the Libor scandal, or Tim Geithner might be looking kind of silly right now.
But many in the town of 60,000 say his support for sharp cuts in safety-net spending has hurt their community's ability to
This guy, Edward DeMarco, the acting head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, is deliberately damaging America -- promoting foreclosures, high unemployment and excessive taxes. He has got to go.
Other states that have done a relatively good job so far in distributing aid include North Carolina (drawn down 27 percent
The Hardest Hit Fund is a small part of TARP, which was established in 2009 with the aim of pumping $700 billion into the
* 137 banks used other government program to repay bailout money By Rachelle Younglai "We're continuing to balance exiting
"It's really just unscrupulous individuals that we’re finding who seek to exploit this program and we’re just not going to
For Americans who aren't economists, of course, it can be hard to tell that the country isn't still mired in a recession
Here’s a breakdown of the numbers. The report, citing White House budget office figures, estimated $46 billion of costs under
Romero argues that both Americans and the financial community have grown complacent due to discussions of financial stability
The new Treasury charts are intended to underscore the severity of the economic dip, the fact that the recovery has been
Let me give you some advice I have been giving to people for a decade: quit listening to what your politicians are saying and start watching what they are doing. If you look past the propaganda you'll see that the U.S. government is anti-small business.
Thousands have turned to the Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP, a federal initiative meant to offer cash-strapped