troy aikman

A handshake between Washington owner Josh Harris and announcer Joe Buck got analyst Troy Aikman laughing and viewers buzzing during a preseason game.
The veteran Fox Sports announcer also liked to sip a giant beer while calling baseball playoff games.
The Fox football analyst and his sportscaster colleague Joe Buck made headlines for an off-camera exchange before the Buccaneers-Patriots game.
The sports announcers had a lot to discuss off-camera -- and it wasn't about football.
The Hall of Fame Cowboys quarterback called "'total bullshit" on Doug Gottlieb's hot take on Luck's retirement.
To start, he didn't even mention the two black men who were killed on Tuesday and Wednesday.
The Fox Sports host says the way she's treated sometimes makes her "salty."
The three-time Super Bowl winner and Hall of Famer talks concussions with HuffPost Live.