truck driver fatigue

Fighting the virus is tied to a bill that would allow fatigued truckers to stay on the road for more than 80 hours a week.
The industry has given lawmakers language that will set 73-hour maximum work weeks for drivers.
Illinois State Trooper Doug Balder nearly burned alive when a dozing truck driver rammed his squad car, and Congress is making it more likely similar accidents will happen to more Americans by relaxing regulations and weakening safety standards.
Susan Collins passed a bill to suspend federal rules that required truck drivers to get two nights of sleep a week. She and shippers argued that drivers were safer working at night, and should have more flexibility to shift their hours.
Sen. Cory Booker blocked the roll back of rules aimed at ensuring truckers get two nights of sleep. But Congress later passed a measure wiping out that gain, letting drivers spend up to 82 hours a week working and driving.
Driver fatigue should be part of a larger concern with driver health, as lack of energy and burnout could be symptoms of a larger issue with health and wellness and poor health promotion.