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Out on the road, Nic and Carla often face discrimination, so they created their own YouTube channel to share their experiences with the world.
Drivers who are company employees may be in for a rude surprise this tax season.
David Johnson, 56, said he plans to buy a new house and a red Porsche.
While there are both opponents and supporters of the rule it is worth noting that the rule is only a proposal and could be
2. A prudent insurance carrier and the victim's attorney will keep the insured party and/or accident victim informed and
Alf Herigstad is one good man! For that reason, he started a podcast and blog... Being A Better Man; to help others to be better, too! Alf owes the man he is to his father, who he says is the 'best example of manhood.'
Stay up on Weather Report Weather is a significant player in your driving experience and the safety of other road users. Most
"Drunk drivers have slowed responses. Sleepy drivers have no responses."
The industry has given lawmakers language that will set 73-hour maximum work weeks for drivers.
"It's really key for the public to weigh in on this," says one researcher.