Out on the road, Nic and Carla often face discrimination, so they created their own YouTube channel to share their experiences with the world.
Your next online order may drop from a warehouse in the sky. Newer technologies manage control and centralize data from one
According to statistics currently there are 1,115 fatal crashes involving trucks a year. Many advocates and some truck accident
3. Don't overlook internet and social media searches, especially of the driver and transportation company. 6. Regardless
The cost of progress can be high. fitmiss An entire system of transportation that manages itself, reduces traffic, accidents
Environmental regulations today have cleaned up everything from fish in mountain streams to fumes from urban smokestacks
It's time to break down the myth that service members who get out of the military will find employment right away. That's simply not realistic -- and those who have been laid off, out of work or watching a recent college graduate look for a job will recognize this.
Siphiwe Baleka found his calling in "Fitness Trucking," and is devoted to teaching long haul truckers how to lead healthy lives.
There's a huge shortage of drivers right now. Here's what that means for the business.
Pay going up is an attempt to compensate, but maybe not for long.
We all know that while negative change can happen quickly, positive change very often takes much longer. It could take years before newer safety regulations and technologies become incorporated into the trucking industry.
The big trucking industry now wants to roll back protections in 39 states, put longer double trailers on your roads and cut back on giving truck drivers the rest they (and you) need. Is there any limit on the supremacy of commercial greed over safety values?
Immigrant truck drivers serve a vital role in the trucking industry. Trucking firms need to recognize the increasingly critical role immigrant truck drivers will play in overcoming some of the industry's most pressing challenges and take action to facilitate their increased acceptance into the industry.
Nearly everything you use or consume -- the coffee at your elbow, the table it's sitting on, the smart device you're reading this on -- was carried to you on a truck, and the chances are nearly 100 percent that that truck ran on diesel fuel.
Privately held U.S. trucking companies posted their fourth year of higher sales, and profitability also improved in 2013
When looking at Obama's announcement of new truck energy efficiency standards, it is clear that the measure meets the criteria of multiple wins. This sounds tremendous... however, as is the case far too often, the proponents of action are yet again understating the full value of action.
The port has almost completed a study on traffic volume and routes to and from its cargo facilities, Bonura said. Some of
Anytime you undertake a major public campaign, you're quickly reminded that listening is even more important than speaking.