trucking industry

A bipartisan provision to lower the commercial driving age to 18 will likely be in the infrastructure bill. Advocates are calling it an industry handout.
Add-on provision could let truckers work more than 80 hours a week.
Autonomous vehicles are poised to disrupt the unhealthy trucking business. Mining could be next.
The industry has given lawmakers language that will set 73-hour maximum work weeks for drivers.
Obviously, jobs have disappeared from society before: how many people are blacksmiths, cobblers or chimney sweeps? Entire
Turning trucks into "mobile computers" might even help attract millennial drivers, which would be a big get for the industry.
There's a huge shortage of drivers right now. Here's what that means for the business.
The big trucking industry now wants to roll back protections in 39 states, put longer double trailers on your roads and cut back on giving truck drivers the rest they (and you) need. Is there any limit on the supremacy of commercial greed over safety values?
Big businesses and the private sector are undergoing a major overhaul as we all need to consider the impacts of our current rates of consumption, manufacturing processes, and sourcing of raw materials to sustain our future existence.
As America slowly pulls itself out of a recession, high unemployment levels remain in many areas. But there is at least one industry in the U.S., one I am most familiar with, that is growing and has a shortage of workers: trucking.