true self

2016 has been a year of smoke and mirrors. It has been the year of things will go better if we can stop pretending and look
This is a prime time, providing the opportunity for each of us to hold a positive, loving focus and to access the integrity
For some of us, remaining busy is a way to feel sane -- to keep us running from what is really going on, to avoid the truth
We can be more than our habits, says professor Michael Puett.
These are some of the things I have been practicing to stay connected to my true self and narrate my life from this place. If they feel and sound like a fit for where you are on your life journey, try them out and see how they land.
So here are the 11 signs of a truly authentic person:
On the long flight home, I thought about my fears before the event. I didn't think I was good enough. I thought I would stand out -- in a bad way. I thought that they would not accept me. And you know what, these thoughts kept me small.
As a young woman in the 1960s I defined beauty according to an ideal I saw in magazines -- one I had no hope of meeting. That didn't stop me trying though. I ironed my wild hair, lemon juiced my freckles and did the coconut oil thing in the hope of getting a tan.
A few years ago my dear friend Jim said to me - 'Don't do anything in your life that you don't want to do.' His words caught