True the Vote

Venture capitalist Fred Eshelman blasts group that launched failed court cases that couldn't come up with any evidence of rigged voting.
That claim about "millions of people" voting illegally? There's no evidence whatsoever.
True the Vote used numbers that skewed their results in their favor when analyzing turnout in every single state they tested. Once recalibrated, True the Vote's claim that states with new voter ID laws, enacted or pending, experienced an increase in turnout is patently false.
True the Vote drew scrutiny in the lead up to the November election over allegations that its electoral integrity campaign
Watch the full segment at HuffPost Live. Moore did, however, make a last-minute plea to non-voters, trying to convince them
Remember the good old days, when voting was as simple as dropping a piece of paper in a box or pulling a lever behind a curtain
As far back as 2010, the group faced accusations -- and even a Department of Justice investigation -- into reports that its
He said the reasons were explained to him by the man who gave him the list: Chris Metz, executive director of the Republican
Aggressive electioneering has always been a problem, officials said. But never like this. "Observer is a title for a reason
As a result, Boyne said she is particularly motivated to remind Latinos that it is a federal crime to accept anything in