Directors Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw embedded themselves among enigmatic Italian practitioners to make "The Truffle Hunters."
Okay, Okay, Enough Talking, More Eating I used to call all round things made out of chocolate "truffles." But if you want
Chocolate fudge truffles, brigadeiros, are the perfect Brazilian snack or dessert for Olympics season, 2016. Mariana Vieira, owner of Brigadeiros Bakery in Soho, NY, says that she has seen an uptick in orders since the Rio Olympics opened.
Much like truffle oil, faux-saffron -- typically made from the Safflower -- is close enough to the genuine article. In fact
Toss those boxes of processed Passover desserts into the garbage. Instead enjoy these easy, more sustainable chocolate recipes, one for each day of the festival (according to the biblical count).
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