trump for president

The hair may be fake, but the addiction is real.
We hate Trump's brash ego, but love his irrepressible brio. We detest his rude insensitivity, but we appreciate his willingness to say what he thinks, political correctness be damned. We cringe at his braggadocio, but admire his wealth and fame. We have a love/hate relationship with Donald Trump, just as the rest of the world has a love/hate relationship with America.
I may be the only one of my friends who does not find the Trump candidacy amusing. Nor am I looking forward to the August Republican debate as some sort of laugh riot.
WATCH: HuffPost's Ryan Grim and Mark Blumenthal reported at the time on the results of the match-up. "This plan caused a
Via GOP12 comes a video clip of Trump's remarks: "Well, we do like each other and I will tell you more than anything else
"There is certainly a chance that he was not born in this country," said the billionaire, according to WND. "Now if he was
"I can't rule out anything," he said, adding that it's "vital" for Republicans to select the right person to go up against
NASHUA, New Hampshire (Reuters) - Real estate magnate Donald Trump suggested Wednesday it's not much fun flirting with the
So, first few steps: shampooing, air drying, and reading about himself. Check. None of those things, however, top line his
"In fact, Randal Pinkett won as you know on 'The Apprentice' a little while ago, a couple of years ago," he said. "And Randall’s