trump foreign policy

As the continent awaits Washington's move, Africans are looking to Beijing as a force for global stability.
The world needs to stand up to Trump's bullying through tough talk, civic action and political sanctions.
Russia and Israel look like winners. International trade and security alliances are likely to take some hits.
The so-called architect of the Iraq War says Trump would undermine U.S. credibility in the world.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has staked out a foreign policy position quite distinct from his opponent
Recent comments by Donald Trump in the New York Times should and will frighten Americans and our allies around the world.
Gov. John Kasich is just not down with that immigrant-bashing nationalistic isolationism.
In a Pew survey of 15 countries, all of them had a negative opinion.
"Believe me, believe me," he repeated after every vague promise to resolve threats to Israel.
"I didn't say kill. We have to go after them."