trump indictment

The former president's attorneys re-upped their claim that "a fair trial cannot be held until after the 2024 Presidential election is concluded.”
The Georgia prosecutor charged Donald Trump and over a dozen others with election interference last year.
Trump already faces decades in prison on the most serious criminal charges against him, and now he could wind up in jail for flouting a judge’s gag order.
The former president called his indictments a “scam” and said he hoped the cases would be dismissed.
Hours before the former president's booking photo was taken in Fulton County, Georgia, people posted their own versions on social media.
A recent memo advises members at the Republican National Committee summer meeting to report any "unauthorized media activity" to Republican Party staff.
Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado also slammed the "despicable" threats against grand jurors who worked on Trump's Georgia racketeering indictment.
Stephanie Grisham said Trump will "show voters who he really is" if his GOP presidential opponents start speaking up.
Kendra Kingsbury was found to have classified materials in her bathroom — just like the ex-president.
Chuck Grassley said "it is clear that the Justice Department and the FBI haven’t nearly had the same laser focus on the Biden family."