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The question of how to deal with my anxiety has become increasingly important since last November. All of a sudden I felt far less safe, both as a woman and a citizen of the world.
So hat's off to Donald Trump, really. He resurrects the worst and best in Americans. On one hand a susceptibility to demagogy
While the energy is still in high gear from the Women's Marches and a growing number of awakened citizens are looking for
"This is not a period," President Obama said of today and the bad time it is likely inaugurating. "This is a comma in the
“Trump lives and thrives in a fact-free environment."
Wonder no more, we've outlined some of Donald Trump's potential conflicts of interest.
The philosopher's job--true to the Socratic tradition--would be to ask "simple" questions. However, instead of focusing on
Can Flo Rida can save us from a Trump Presidency?
If Trump really is a transformational president -- if he really is serious about changing a rigged system -- then he will use his political capital to push through a real infrastructure program.
A weakening and less organized West may make China bolder in strategic foreign policy.
I think one of the great ironies of this 2016 election is the fact that Trump was voted in by people who wanted “change.” He
It's OK if you're not ready to fight yet. Psychologists recommend giving yourself time to mourn.
If you want to understand why my neighbors voted for Trump, look to the Romans who cheered on Julius Caesar.
The truth about Trump is staring us in the face. The choice each of us must make is to admit that truth, or hide from it. This isn't about politics anymore. It is a question of patriotism and personal character.
Ahead of the Democratic National Convention, we asked Muslim students and educators in Philadelphia if they believed their families would be forced to leave the U.S. if Donald Trump were elected president.
For Mexico, the possibility -- however unlikely -- of a Trump presidency presents itself as a nightmare scenario since it directly threatens the two most critical dimensions of the bilateral relationship: immigration and trade.