Trump protests

The 20-foot balloon is set to fly through London in June, portraying Trump as a massive, ill-tempered infant.
They're marching against the "appalling way the Trump administration has regarded the rights and welfare of LGBTQI communities of the U.S."
The Women's March of millions of Americans and the protest by tens of thousands at airports this weekend, demonstrate that a massive resistance to the Trumpublican Blitzkreig is rapidly rising up.
To the Right, it seems there is no right way to protest
"Our citizens who live in the U.S., or who are considering traveling there, should be cautious.”
As a statesman, shouldn't he be shutting down the racists and haters?
To think that this victory would somehow absolve him of these horrible words and actions is not just laughable, it’s insulting.
"Believe me, believe me," he repeated after every vague promise to resolve threats to Israel.