trump rallies

The president's son once again falsely declared the election was rigged.
Trump rallies have shown us that hordes of otherwise ordinary-seeming Americans--most of whom are Caucasian males--have no shared values or human decency. Sure, this presidential candidate knows how to stoke their xenophobic and misogynistic rage. But he couldn't stoke what wasn't already there.
Some advice The Donald is sure to ignore...
It questions the extent to which Trump can be held personally responsible for violence allegedly committed by his staff.
Donald Trump is truly despicable; he race baits to make opportunistic political gains and revels in the resulting violent chaos he has provoked. After all, this is the candidate who hoped that the recent violence at his rallies would earn him more votes.
People who are protesting Donald Trump's events are not infringing on his First Amendment rights or his speech in any way. If Donald Trump decides to shut down his events (because of his own reckless past speech and what it has inspired in his followers) that is his choice.
New research shows that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders actually have something in common.
Your Question: Is Donald Trump really a racist? My Answer: The answer doesn't matter.