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For those Italians who have over the past two decades resented Silvio Berlusconi, the arrival of Donald Trump on the US political scene is undoubtedly shocking.
We've already seen a number of true heroes emerge in the aftermath of this hurricane. But lucky for us, one man has come bursting out of the rubble of the storm like some feather-haired phoenix, ready to spread bile and ill-will via his Twitter account.
Maybe Mitt has decided to let it all hang out. Rather than try to hide what's obvious to everyone, the new strategy is to make Romney's liabilities into assets by flaunting them. The new bumper-sticker: ROMNEY-TRUMP IN 2012. YOU'RE FIRED!
Melania and Donald Trump hosted a birthday party/ fundraiser for Ann Romney, and some of the attendees, who paid $1,000 each for entrance, questioned President Obama's US citizenship. (New York City, April 17, 2012)
Melania Trump, wife to real estate mogul and Romney supporter Donald Trump, will host a birthday fundraiser for Ann on April
Watch the video above to see a mashup of lackluster reactions to Romney's candidacy. And tell us, do you have strong feelings
He also defended Romney against criticism from fellow reality TV star and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who, during an
Not only did Newsmax lead the way in promoting Trump's presidential ambitions, it was even willing to sponsor a Republican presidential debate with Trump as the moderator.
Romney said recently he shares Trump's concern about China, even though his rhetoric is often not diplomatic. "He shares
(Video below via Mediaite. Comments after the 4-minute mark) "We all thought that was kind of weird," the former House Speaker
Trump also famously called Romney a "small business guy" on CNN's 'State of the Union.' "He walked away with some money from
He left the Republican Party in December after a presidential debate he had planned to host fell through and has recently