trump trial

Courtroom artists reveal the details of this extremely rare profession — and what makes Trump’s trial so tough.
"Are you staring me down?" Judge Juan Merchan asked the defense witness.
The former president's criminal trial continues in New York.
Former President Donald Trump spent his first day on trial as a criminal defendant lashing out at the judge and prosecutors.
“There’s a powerful public interest to ensure this criminal trial goes forward,” the Manhattan district attorney's office argued Wednesday.
The former president’s legal team requested a trial delay, saying Habba had been exposed to COVID and had a fever. She attended the party one day later.
Smith’s office filed a notice Monday saying prosecutors plan to call several expert witnesses to explain Trump’s cell phone use.
Donald Trump "cannot course-correct," even though he's making things much worse for himself legally, his niece said.
The Fox News host got out his crystal ball in the wake of the former president's fourth indictment.