Democrats scored a crucial victory in the midterms, but repudiating fascism won't happen all at once.
The former president allowed Wall Street to run wild and invaded Iraq, fueling conditions that propelled Donald Trump into power.
Apocalyptic resonances within Trumpism made the man and his message especially palatable.
The Democratic Party should worry less about decorum and more about actual dissent.
Obama has repeatedly offered precisely the “unifying story” critics assert our country needs.
Flawed as it is, American democracy rests on a foundation that Donald Trump is in the process of destroying. That foundation
Students should be suspicious of easy answers and committed to tough questions.
Trumpism matters more than Trump. And party loyalty may top everything.
"It's going to happen, and when it does it's going to be like a two-way street. One, the education will have to continue
Even if we do get an investigation, I wonder whether a latter-day Howard Baker is likely to emerge. Someone who, despite
In addition, this shouldn't just be a March on Washington. There should be marches and demonstrations in cities and towns
The opening of SNL's goes like this: "The unthinkable has happened .... You could move to Canada but you love your country
Trump is forcing a new story down America's throat, and since everyone believes their own story, the appearance of a strong