trust in media

But it's not only national governmental institutions on which Americans have soured. The declines in confidence in the church
People value accuracy, timeliness and clarity above all else.
Jon Stewart may not be the most trusted man in news, but he's more trusted than MSNBC, according to a new survey by the Brookings Institution and the Public Religion Research Institute.
The organizations did a study about immigration and the media that contained within it a broader question for Americans about
Congrats, journalists: you're not as hated as you were last year! Ironically, there have been possibly more high-profile
(h/t Mediaite) Hannity did not seem pleased with Williams' comments. After replaying the audio clip of Baldwin's interview
Trust in the media is down. The party line is that the fault lies with the media, that media needs to be and be seen as more trustworthy.
A new Gallup poll released on Friday found that U.S. distrust in the media hit a record high. The results are based off a
Keith Olbermann has expressed concern about the influence of corporate ownership of news media. Until Al Gore entered the picture it was impossible to fully quantify the impact of corporate ownership of news. With his new show, we'll finally see.