Truth or Dare

"Strike a Pose" showcases their lives since the revelatory documentary.
Like Madonna's controversial and outlandish statements and behavior kept her in the headlines and sold millions of records, Trump has reveled in the spotlight building his brand. But unlike Madonna, who actually had talent and the ability to back up her braggadocio with performance, Trump suddenly finds himself in the deep end of a public pool, treading water and unable to get out. So what does he do now?
However, the audition Wilborn attended, which took place at Landmark Studios in Hollywood, was a huge success. Wilborn was
When I remember the decision to accept myself no matter the consequences, I always remember that scene in Madonna's Truth or Dare at that Midwest movie theater.
"I think I could possibly revisit it right now," the singer said.
Do you remember when you were a kid and you always thought "wow I can't wait to be a grown-up?" Well now that we are finally grown-ups, we realize it's not all that we thought it would be.
Is the queen of reinvention done reinventing?
For more on the post-dating world, check out Google is apologizing for a recent breach in
I wouldn't allow Lydia, Natalie, Jessie, Russell, Chima, or Kevin, in my home without an armed escort, and this week they were all out to show just what horrible, and in Lydia's case, psychotic, people they are.