Truth Social

Digital World Acquisition Corp. loses $139 million in investment commitments in the latest trouble for Trump's social media platform, according to an SEC filing.
The former president used his social media platform Truth Social to bash an old network friend and advise his longtime enemy.
"Private company anyone???" Trump then posted, in what appeared to be an invitation to investors.
Wednesday saw another tirade on Truth Social, the platform Donald Trump started after getting kicked off Twitter.
It's bad news after bad news for the former president's Twitter knockoff.
The former president has been frantically sharing weird and gross images on Truth Social.
It's one thing after another for Donald Trump's problem-plagued Truth Social.
Or someone (Joe Biden?) must "immediately" launch a do-over vote, the former president insisted on Truth Social.
A major vendor claims it was stiffed by Trump's social media operation, suggesting finances are in "significant disarray," reported Fox Business.
Actor Ben Stein is being mocked for a video in which he channels his “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” character and calls for former Rep. Devin Nunes’ return to Congress.