Truth Social

The Trump campaign called on the Republican National Committee to cancel the “boring and inconsequential" debates.
The multi-indicted ex-president tried to show off his jock side after a poll expressed doubts about him.
Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith is warning that former President Donald Trump’s “daily” statements risk tainting a jury pool.
Donald Trump is already trying to cash in by using his Georgia mug shot for merchandise.
DeSantis' camp denied Trump's claim and accused the former president of spreading "fake news."
The former president seemed to jest about skipping the country while griping about a $200,000 bond he faces for his criminal case in Georgia.
Trump accused Barr of "succumbing" to the will of "Radical Left Lunatics" in a defiant Truth Social post.
The former president launched a strange new series of attacks on his Truth Social platform.
The ex-president's team gave a questionable defense for his ominous warning after he appeared in court for conspiracy charges related to the 2020 election.
"How is that not intimidation?" asked Stephanie Grisham, referring to her former boss's social media message.